Taking ownership

I have always been pretty responsible…all of my life.  Now maybe more than ever.  Being a single parent makes me more tentative than I may have been before.  Everything I do isn’t just about me but also about each of them.

I have come to realize that I am the only one that can make the changes in my life. So things may not be moving as fastly as I would hope, but I am on my way. The first thing I have worked out is how I want my life to be. The harder part is taking the steps to get there.

So I am trying to get rid of some of the things that hold me back. I am giving away things bit by bit and making my home better. I realize this might not be super inspirational but it makes me more accountable.

Until next time. Kat

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Doing things a little bit differently!

I think one way to help me get back to me is to look at where I have been. When I was a kid my family would always head to the movies. Usually we would see 2 a weekend but on rare occasions we would see 4! I grew up loving all sorts of movies.

As my own family grew, going to the movies got put on the back burner. There was the juggling act of finding a sitter as well as finding the time and money for date nights. Now with my kids able to stay by themselves, I am starting to revisit my favorite pastime. I actually managed three movies in 2 weeks when just a year or so ago I wasn’t even managing one a month!

I am also focusing more on my bucket list. Several of my adventures are on the pricey side. I was thinking how expensive it was going to be to take the 5 of us. Gradually it began to sink in that these were my dreams not my kids. I didn’t have to take them on all my adventures. My parents must have been feeling my get out of the rut vibe as they bought me the coolest gift…a bungee jump from a tethered hot air balloon!

It was an incredibly peaceful experience. I thought my stomach would drop or it would be some rush. I didn’t have time to be scared. Once I sat on the edge of the balloon and was kind of in awe of the view, I was gently nudged and found myself falling toward the ground. I was just in the moment. No screaming, just at peace.

Next up once I save up is skydiving. Depending on the crazy weather of ours it may have to be in the Spring. Otherwise I can find some mini adventures in the mean time. Ideas are welcome. 🙂


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Hello Everyone!

Can a new refrigerator lead to a new start?  Well for me it can.  Over the past few years I have had changes forced upon me, such as my refrigerator dying on me and my needing a new one and changes that I have chosen such as starting this blog.


Life has fallen into a bit of a routine.  Get up, take care of the two cats and the dog, wake my 3 youngest kids and help them get out the door on time and then get myself ready.  What follows is more routine ie work, lunch and more work.  When I arrive home I am greeted by a chorus of “What’s for dinner?”  (and I have to wonder when did I cease to exist as a person to these little people?)  I get dinner served up, do a bit of regular cleaning and then off to bed.  If I am lucky, I continue to follow the same rut, oh, routine for many more years.


Instead, I have decided to make some changes.  Exactly what these changes will be I am not sure but I do know that they will help me get on to a path that isn’t ordinary.  I have made one rule though, I can’t let age stand in my way of trying to do something I want.  Last I checked 48 isn’t dead after all.


I hope you will follow along on my journey and hopefully be inspired to get out of your own ruts too.




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